We have been creating, designing, and selling the famous Lucknowi Chikankari clothing for several years. Since there’s a great demand for Chikankari products in India and abroad, we are possibly providing our best services through online mediums. 

Right now, we are ensuring that our online business is as commendable as our local services. Here, we present before you the privacy policy of our online business for you to be assured about our services. Henceforth, if you continue using our services (referring to different pages of the website), it means you agree to the terms and policies of our company.   

User’s Personal Information 

At Aabroo Chikankari, we ensure that our users’ privacy is protected as they visit our website. Likewise, we may collect users’ personal information to provide them with our best products and services.    

In general, we may ask for your personal information as they visit our website. They may be asked to fill in the following details – user’s name, email address, contact details, IP address, Pin code, etc. In case you are insecure about your financial details (credit or debit card), know that we have strict guidelines to protect such information. 

Usage of Information 

We shall collect your personal and non-personal data for different reasons. It may include the user’s browser data, cookies, and IP address to keep a record of genuine activity on the website. Needless to say, there are more cybercrime activities these days, so it’s obvious to take measurable steps. 

Requirements to save your personal information include – 

  • To provide our customers with useful information about the company’s updates. 
  • In order to send promotional and discount schemes that are available on different products. 
  • We tend to enhance the customer’s experience by providing better customer service.  
  • We send updates and emails regarding the transactions that the customer is initiating on the website. 

No Sharing of Information  

It doesn’t matter if you visit our website to buy products or just to have a look at the variety of options; we never share your information with a third-party website. At Aabroo Chikankari, we believe that working with ethics and sharing customer data without their knowledge is theft. Thus, we do not indulge in any such activities. 

With the use of the latest technology, we are taking highly measurable steps to provide safety to customers’ personal information. Likewise, it also safeguards our website’s data from any illegal online activity. 

Disclosure of Data 

When there’s a requirement to surface the customers’ data, we may do so as per the country’s jurisdiction policy. It further translates that though we may never share your data anywhere, we follow some rules. 

We will be sharing your data in case –

  • Theft to our legal terms and policy 
  • Any illegal online activity 
  • Check on the genuine customer’s authenticity 
  • Guidelines by the country’s jurisdiction 
  • Control the inconvenience of various browsers 

However, Aabroo Chikankari will never use your data without informing you in advance. Thus, we manage everything to maintain our customers’ secrecy and help them have a fulling experience.  

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