Chikankari VS. Lucknowi Chikankari

Chikankari VS. Lucknowi Chikankari

As with time, people are changing their choice and taste in clothing; they are shifting towards the trendiest options. Most people in the present time are seeking for dressing style that depicts their culture alongside looking fashionable. In addition, most people like to wear clothes that bring out their style statement along with looking comfortable. 

With modernization and adapting to the Western culture of clothing, there is still a lot of hope and upliftment in Indian attire and traditional wear. Similarly, Chikankari kurtas and dresses are highly demandable because they look elegant, beautiful, and comfortable to wear. Likewise, people can buy women’s or men’s wear in Chikankari, and it will surely be worth their purchase. 

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Chikankari Market in India 

In Indian culture, you may come across various traditional attire that is breathtakingly beautiful. Most of the craft and artwork on clothing fabric is preferable using the handcraft work of skilled artisans. Like any other art form of India, Chikankari is one such presentation that’s not only popular for its beauty and design but also fulfills the lives of many local workers. 

Though Chikankari is a popular art form in India, it’s also reaching heights in other countries. That being said, the Chikankari manufacturing part is carried throughout India, but its heart will always be Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It’s the main city where you can find amazing and breathtaking designs of Lucknowi Chikankari. Alongside, the prime reason for its authenticity is the art that’s carried on from generations through the hands of local artisans.  

Forms of Chikankari Work 

In today’s time, where everything is dependent upon machines, there are still people who are trying to keep the old tradition alive. In general, there are basically two ways of creating and designing Chikankari work. They include –

  • Handcrafted Chikankari: As the art of Chikankari dates back to the 16th century, it’s a basic art form of handcrafted work. Skillful artisans who have a work experience of more than ten years are able to provide fine work of Chikankari dresses. 
  • Machine work Chikankari: On the other hand, machine work Chikankari designs are on the same pattern as Chikan, yet the embroidery work is done using machines. More so, the machine embroidery work of Chikankari makes the task easy. However, it’s not as preferable as the handcraft work of Chikankari. 


We all must accept that machines are there to make our lives easy, but they can never replace what humans are capable of doing. In the same manner, handcrafted Chikankari work is more in demand as it’s delicate and beautiful on the inside and out. 

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Difference between Chikankari and Lucknowi Chikankari 

The Chikankari work is a famous form of art on fabric (clothing material) that’s in demand throughout India and other countries. Initially, this art form was only common among the people of Lucknow city in Uttar Pradesh. Later, with modern techniques, it became a work usually done with machines’ assistance. 

Here are some points that explain the difference between Chikankari and Lucknowi Chikankari –

  • The art of Chikankari is genuinely designed and created by the artisans of Lucknow. More so, they have more knowledge of the work’s stitches, designs, and patterns. 
  • In other parts of India, Chikankari is not so popular in practice by the local artisans. That’s how they mostly do the work using machines. 
  • Lucknowi Chikankari is basically more reasonable in price. On the other hand, you may find high-priced Chikankari suits and kurti as it’s not their local inheritance.  
  • The raw material that’s used in making Chikankari kurti, saree, and dresses is majorly available in Lucknow. 


Exporting the tools and equipment of Chikankari from its base location to another place can increase the cost. More so, the product’s final price will also be higher than its originality. 

It’s highly appreciable to see people comparing Chikankari vs. Lucknowi as they somewhat have the idea of its origin. There are large manufacturing units where block printing and other methods of Chikankari are in process. However, in Lucknow, the majority of the artisans use handcraft techniques to stitch beautiful designs of Chikankari on fabric. 

Is Chikankari Affordable?  

As we know, Chikankari or Chikan work is a centuries-old form of art that’s highly respectable in the Indian market. There is a wide range of options in Chikankari, and it doesn’t matter your budget; you will always find something affordable. 

On the other hand, people from the rich class are also willing to buy the best quality Chikankari, which can be a bit costly. However, it’s much more affordable than the trendy western wear that degrades after a few washes. Thus, Chikankari is available in various designs, patterns, color fabric, materials, and embellishment that dictate the final product’s price. 

What’s unique about Lucknowi Chikankari?

Hand weaving Chikankari and machine work are two different approaches to designing clothing material. Now, it depends upon your preference and taste that describes the actual work of Chikankari. 

The main thing about Lucknowi Chikankari dresses and suits is that they are elegant and show the original art form of Chikan. We have a wide range of options for Lucknowi Chikankari, and they are all available at different work quality. Hence, you can make a choice and purchase it online from our website at reasonable prices. 

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