White Chikankari

White Chikankari: The Traditional Approach

Almost everyone who comes across Lucknowi Chikankari clothing is fascinated by its beauty, elegance and way of presentation. Though it looks beautiful and elegant, it’s highly comfortable to carry the attire. Henceforth, you may find different styles of Lucknowi White Chikankari dresses,, suits, and kurtas in various combinations.

There’s this recent approach of including various colours in the fabric choice and thread for stitches. Likewise, with time, the work of Chikankari has evolved from white on white to working on various colour fabrics.

Evolution of Chikankari

Before the period of modernization, the Chikankari work was highly popular for its exquisite designs on white fabric with white colour thread. It was more an epitome of elegance and grace for the women of high-class society. But, several changes took place with the continuous endeavor in this field. Chikankari has become more of a fashion statement than just a piece of clothing.

The classic White Chikankari holds a high place in the fashion industry. Though there are several colours that you can add yet, the White on White Chikankari is the traditional approach for its beautiful making. Undoubtedly, it emerged from the Lucknowi Chikankari, the origin of this famous art form.

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Styling of Lucknowi Chikankari

Styling of Lucknowi Chikankari

You all must have heard the statement “simple yet elegant”; wearing a Lucknowi White Chikankari kurta is what it is. Whether it’s from a women’s point of view or men, wearing a Lucknowi White Chikankari can be a statement in itself. With a few styling elements, you can amp up the game of looking elegant, bold or fashionable with a Chikankarti dress.

Best Ways to Style White Chikankari

Here are some of the most recommended ways of styling Lucknowi Chikankari –

1. White Chikankari Saree:

White Chikankari Saree

We all know how beautiful and graceful a saree looks on anyone. It’s the most Indian form of attire that’s highly in demand among foreigners as well. In addition, a graceful saree look in a Chikankari design will look utterly astonishing on any skin colour.

Moreover, you can beautifully fuse traditional with a little boho look by using chunky jewelry. Alongside you can also wear it with a different colour blouse and some elegant jewelry design.

2. White Chikankari Short-Kurti:

White Chikankari Short-Kurti

Basically, we all look for comfort along with style. With that, choosing a White Chikankari short kurti is the best option for college or office goers women. You can pair it with jeans or a simple palazzo, and it will look super stylish yet comfortable at the same time.

3. White Chikankari Kurta:

White Chikankari Kurta

The most basic and popular piece of Chikankari attire is a White Kurta, that’s almost everybody’s favourite. Most prominently, the Chikankari kurta for women is the highly demanded approach of this art form.

4. White Chikankari Shirts & Top:

White Chikankari Shirts & Top

Now, not only women but men can also be utterly elegant and stylish by choosing a White Chikankari shirt or kurta. There are tremendous options available, and you can either make it a style statement in a wedding or any other casual outing.

5. White Chikankari Anarkali:

White Chikankari Anarkali

It is the most beautiful form of White Chikankari dress that attracts every other person. No doubt people are going for the White Anarkali dress as it looks elegant and graceful without adding much to the complete attire.

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If you are going to buy a Chikankari kurta or dress for the first time, needless to say, it’s a highly comfortable choice. Likewise, you can purchase it online from our website at the best prices. Also, note that every piece of clothing may differ depending upon the range of work encrypted on the fabric.

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