Chikankari Embroidery Variety of Outfits

Chikankari Embroidery: Variety of Outfits

While looking at the beauty and elegance that Chikankari portrays through its art form, it might get mistaken that it’s a conservative way of wearing clothes. However, mixing a traditional approach with something modern gives a new feature that’s undeniably breathtaking. So, while following the deep-rooted culture of Lucknowi Chikankari, there are some trendy approaches to the outfits.

We all know that Chikankari designs and patterns are traditionally accessible through handcrafted needlework embroidery on genuine quality fabric. Likewise, here we will inform you about some of the best variety of chikankari outfits with Chikankari work!

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Beautiful Chikankari Dupatta with Chikankari Outfits

Chikankari Dupatta

While wearing Indian attire, dressing up without a dupatta doesn’t sound very traditional. So, most commonly, you’ll come across Indian women dressed in proper Indian Chikankari suits along with beautifully embroidered dupattas.

The grace and flair that a dupatta adds to Indian attire are very classy and elegant. It’s so attractive that women from other countries as well are fascinated by the beautiful Chikankari dupatta that is quite apt for every dress and style.

Most probably, you’ll get a designer Chikankari dupatta with its silk, cotton, or muslin suit set. At the same time, there are tremendous options for airy, flowy, and lightweight Chikankari dupattas that can go along with any sort of outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are dressing up for a wedding or going for a casual look; adding a Chikankari dupatta will just amplify the overall look!

Go in for Chikankari Suits

Chikankari Suits

No matter what the trend follows, the fashion of a well-fitted Chikankari suit will never go out of style. The charm of dressing up in a proper Chikankari suit is unlike any other attire that you may wear.

Even in the current trend, famous designers are recreating the old patterns of Chikankari outfits and presenting them in a modern way. Yet, the grace and elegance of a Chikankari suit are like no other clothing attire in the market.

Adding up beautiful embroidery work of zari, jaali, and mirror work, the designers are uplifting the art form of Chikankari dresses. Needless to say, Indian designers are finding out the way to keep the traditional alive. Also, they are making the art form popular in other countries as well.

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Making Chikankari Outfits the showstopper for the Night

If there’s an event coming up and you are wondering what to do differently this time, try going for a Chikankari look for the night. No matter what the occasion is, there are numerous options that come along with the Lucknowi Chikankari outfits  look. You may go for a –

  • Chikankari Anarkali kurta set with bottoms
  • Graceful Chikankari suits with flowy fabric dupatta
  • Chikankari lehenga with embellished work


Now, you can get new apparel to look classy yet comfortable with various Chikankari attires. Alongside, you can either keep it simple as per your taste or rock the night by going a little extra!

Simple and Sober Chikankari for Summers

Summec Chikankari Kurtis

While staying cool in summer, it’s also great stress to look stylish at the same time. Moreover, choosing Chikankari kurta will be the best option to beat the summer heat in style. Not just that, but you can take the daytime casual Chikankari kurta look and team it up with something edgy for the night!

If you want to look more desi, then team up a short Chikankari kurti with a long skirt. Else, you can also go for light fabric leggings and palazzos to make it more comfortable and elegant, yet simple.

Grace of Chikankari on Sarees

Grace of Chikankari Saree

Wearing a saree is an embodiment of grace, elegance, and femininity that’s just unbeatable by any western dress. Similarly, choosing a Chikankari saree will not just amplify the look, but it will give you that depth that is magnificent!

The appeal of a Chikankari saree is more like bringing in subtle characters to the overall look of a saree. Furthermore, they have light work on soft fabric, comfortable attire, and lovely prints. Likewise, there are various designs and patterns with colorful and subtle embellishments. All you have to do is pick up the most accurate pattern suitable for the occasion.

Bottom Line

As stated above, there are various designs, patterns, colors, and fabric materials, along with a variety of embellishments in Chikankari outfits. In a way, you can create as many outfits with Chikankari by combining them differently. Hence, you can buy a Chikankari kurta and dresses for party wear or just go out as a casual meet. There’s nothing less when talking about fashion with a little mix or fusion of Western and traditional!

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