How to Care for and Maintain Your Chikankari Kurtis?

How to Care for and Maintain Your Chikankari Kurtis?

Have you ever bought a dress and thought – what if it never wears off? Well, we know there are people who buy expensive Chikankari suits and dresses so that they last longer. Accordingly, they also need to be washed and cared for every now and then.

As we look for the most amazing outfit in Chikankari, we often forget to ask the seller about its care and maintain your Chikankari Kurtis. Likely to say, the kurtis and dresses of Chikankari are so astonishingly beautiful that we want them to stay the same for a long time. Thus, here we will inform you how you can care for and maintain your Chikankari kurtis and others.

The delicate designs of Chikankari are something that’s unique in their own way. Also, if you wish to continue wearing your favorite piece of Chikankari clothing, it’s obvious to store it well. More so, that’s possible when you apply the right technique of cleaning, washing, and keeping the fabric.

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Instructions to Care for and Maintain Your Chikankari Kurtis

Firstly, it’s important to know the material and fabric of the cloth on which your Chikankari is made. Generally, you’ll come across the work of Chikankari drawn over lighter fabric for easy embroidery. The most popular options for Chikankari fabric are – cotton, pure georgette, silk, muslin, chiffon, and crepe.

Likely to say, Chikankari garments will last longer than your expectation. However, that’s only possible if you take proper care of its material. Needless to say, right starting from the fabric to the beautiful embroidery and embellishment of Chikankari, it’s all delicate work. Thus, you must not throw it away like any other piece of clothing.

Here are a few key points that will help to keep your favorite Chikankari design looking new!

Washing Instructions

  1. It’s advisable to use your Chikankari outfits using your hands. Also, you can go for dry cleaning if the material is heavy work.
  2. You better use cold/normal water instead of hot water.
  3. Always prefer to choose mild detergents. Likewise, it will never make the outfit color fade away.
  4. It’s suitable to apply a soft bristle brush to clean heavy dresses or dark spots.
  5. You must not bleach the fabric in any case.

Drying Instructions

  1. After washing, it’s never suitable for Chikankari outfits to go in the washing machine dryer.
  2. You can roll your Chikankari kurti in a towel and let it absorb the water.
  3. Afterward, you can leave it to dry in the shade. More so, it’s never an option to dry it under direct sunlight.

Ironing Instructions

  1. You can iron your Chikankari kurti by turning it on the reverse side.
  2. In addition, make sure you must not iron on the embellishments.
  3. At first, you must ensure that the material of the fabric is cotton, silk, or muslin before ironing.
  4. Secondly, if the material is too light, such as georgette, you can iron by keeping a cloth in between.

Storing Instructions

  1. Make sure you keep your Chikankari outfit in a paper bag before storing it in your cupboard.
  2. If embellishments make the dress heavy, you must store it carefully.
  3. The best way to store your Chikankari outfit is to roll it and keep it inside the cupboard.
  4. You can also avoid placing the Chikankari kurta in a polythene bag. Likely to say it will make the embroidery and embellishments appear dark after a while.


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Be Careful with Perfumes

It is likely to say that Chikankari outfits are design to provide comfort and fashion at its most. But, there are certain things that will never work with Chikankari outfits. So, no matter how expensive your Chikankari dress must be, it will wear off with a bit of carelessness.
For instance, it’s not advisable to spray perfume over your Chikankari dresses as it will diminish the work. More so, the products that contain alcohol or strong toxic elements must be kept away. Likely, you can use non-alcoholic perfumes on your body rather than spraying them on the outfit.


When you are a first-timer buying Chikankari kurta, it’s obvious to learn instructions for its care and maintenance. We know how much sentiments people attach to their lovely outfits for any reason. Thus, by following the correct procedure of care and maintain your Chikankari kurtis, it will become easy to carry with it the next time.

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