Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for Wedding Dressage

When you hear the word “Wedding,” what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? “Celebration of Love”, right? Well, a wedding could be more than that. A wedding is a celebration of love as well as the fusion of cultures and traditions. Those who love celebrating their traditions, there are several ways to do that. Picking the perfect attire is one of the best ways. For centuries, Chikankari has remained one of the most sought-after styles that perfectly encapsulates India’s rich culture and heritage. Its popularity has only grown over the years, and you will find ample variations of this famous embroidery style.

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If you need help to pick the right attire for your wedding, then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss about the importance of Chikankari, style variations, tips, and some of the best places to get your hands on these exquisite pieces.

Why is Chikankari a staple in Weddings?

Chikankari Kurtas

To understand Chikankari’s importance in weddings, we need to understand its cultural and traditional significance in India. Elevate your wedding attire with the timeless elegance of Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for wedding. Embrace the artistry and grace of Chikankari for an unforgettable wedding look.

Chikankari has a deep and fascinating history

Chikankari History

Chikankari’s mythical and enigmatic history starts way back over 200 years, while there is some reference that states that the Chikan work can be dated back to as early as the third century BC. There is a story that tells about a traveler who was traveling through Lucknow and asked a poor farmer for water. The farmer treated him with kindness, and in return, the traveler taught him the skills of Chikankari, promising him that he would go hungry in his life.

It is also believed that Queen Nur Jahan was also quite a fan of this embroidery technique, which led to the rapid growth and popularity of this Chikankari Style. Even after the downfall of the Mughal court, the industry and the art form thrived under the patrons of Nawabs and has evolved into a highly sought-after fashionwear that is popularized as a dream wedding attire.

Chikankari adds sophistication and grace to the attire

Chikankari adds sophistication and grace to the attire

The patterns of Chikankari are pretty delicate. Just one look at it, and you will know that getting that done is going to take a lot of money and money. Of course, anything that is done with such care and love is going to pay off. That’s why every part of Chikankari resembles timeless elegance and refined beauty.

Chikankari embodies gracefulness

Chickankari Gracefullness

Chikankari adds a touch of grace and elegance to every celebration, and since the wedding is the celebration of love, it makes it even more important. Its intricate and ornate patterns make it unique from contemporary designs, and since it is your big day, you definitely want an attire that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Chikankari has strong bridal symbolism

Chikankari Bridal Symbolism

Chikankari is a symbol of beauty, beauty, and new beginnings. That’s why brides often choose Chikankari works during pre-wedding rituals, reception parties, and even as traditional bridal wear.

Types of Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for Weddings

Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for Wedding

Chikankari comes in various styles and designs, each suitable for different wedding occasions.

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Bridal Chikankari Kurtis

Bridal Chikankari Kurtis

It speaks of the intricacy of elegance

Bridal Chikankari Kurtis resembles the mastery of intricate artisanship in every nook and corner. They come with critically woven embroidery works with paisleys, vines, and florals as motifs. Of course, wearing these magnificent works of art will make you feel like a queen on your special day.

Its Color Palette resembles purity

Most classic Chikankari works are done with the color white, which is known as the color of ‘Purity.’ In fact, most traditional Chikankari works are done using soft colors like cream, pastels, etc. However, most designers nowadays infuse the soft palette with some vibrant colors to give it a contemporary twist.

Styling Tips for Brides

Chikankari adds sophistication and grace to the attire

We recommend you to go with Chikankari Kurtis with flowy skirts or Lehengas. If you are looking for a fusion look, you can pair your Kurti with a dhoti pants. Finish the look by adding some statement jewelry and a veil.

Chikankari Attire for Bridesmaids and Family

Chikankari Dressage

Chikankari is not only reserved for the bride and groom. There is a wide range of Chikankari works that can make you look fabulous without stealing the limelight from the bride and groom.

Chikankari kurtas and Kurtis for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and families usually come with simpler designs. The Chikankari patterns in those wears are pretty elegant. On top of that, they are also comfortable to wear and easy to walk around.

However, make sure to go for a cohesive look. Pick accessories and wear that resemble the outfits of the groom and bride, but keep turning it down a notch so that you don’t outshine them.

Chikankari Outfits for Guests

Chikankari Outfits For guest

Chikankari is a versatile fashion that works for wedding guests, too. Doesn’t matter whether you are attending an Indian wedding or a special event, you can always trust Chikankari to bring elegance and sophistication out of you.

Go with Diverse Styles

As a guest, you will have a wide number of choices. You can pair your Kurtis with Palazzo pants or your kurtas with Churidars.

Choosing the Perfect Chikankari Outfit

It is crucial to look and feel the best in your wedding. Here are some pointers:

Consider Your Body Type and Fit

Find a kurta that perfectly complements your unique body type. Make sure it is well-fitted as well as enhances your silhouette while offering round-the-clock comfort.

Go For a Color You Like

Go For a Color You Like

After all, it’s your big day, and what you like should always come first. Pick a color that you have always dreamt of wearing on your special day. Although, white and pastel colors are the norm in Chikankari styles, but you will find a wide range of bold colors as well.
If you want to keep it regal, go for classic white or pastels, but for a vibrant theme, you may like bold ones like crimson red or hot pink. If you want the best of both worlds, consider baby pink or peach.

Go for a design that matches the Wedding Theme


Chikankari Lehengas blends ethnicity and modernism in one thread. The holy union of traditional embroidery and modern silhouettes gives you a unique look with a contemporary twist.

If you want that royal affair, consider rich fabrics like velvet or silk with embellishments of sequins, zardozi, or some mirror works.
To add romance, you can opt for blush pink designs. Go for Lehengas with blush pink colors adorned with delicate floral motifs. Then, pair it with statement jewelry to bring your bridal look to full fruition.

Styling Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for Wedding Events

Styling Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas For wedding
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You need to carefully consider your personal style and the occasion. With that, you can incorporate Chikankari into any wedding event.

For Mehndi and Sangeet

Chikankari Mehndi and Sangit Collection

Indian Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies are filled with vibrance, colors, and joy.

Mehndi-Ready Chikankari

Chikankari Mehndi Collection

For the mehndi ceremony, choose a Chikankari kurti with light colors. Meanwhile, keep the embellishments to the minimum so that you can stay comfortable for a long time, as you need a lot of patience while and after applying Mehndi.

Sangeet Glam

A touch of shimmer or embroidery in your Chikankari Kurta/kurti adds a dash of glamor to your personality. Pair them with some elegant leggings or dhoti pants. For accessories, throw on some statement jewelry and a pair of Jutti.

Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas For Wedding Ceremony

Traditional Bridal Chikankari

Traditional Bridal Chikankari

A traditional white or pastel kurti with a matching lehenga or Skirt will make you look like a blooming lily. Pair it with some heavy jewelry and some intricate embroidery works to complete your dream bridal look.

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Guests’ Regal Attire

If you are a guest, then we recommend you go for a kurta with detailed patterns. Combine it with some silk pants or Churidars.

Reception and Post-Wedding Celebrations

chikankari-Kurti For Reception Celebiration

This is a moment that calls for something contemporary and chic.

Reception Elegance

Now, all the eyes are on you, and you must look your best in your reception. Go for a Chikankari kurti with modern silhouettes, such as peplum tops or a cape-style kurti. Pair them with palazzo trousers or fitted pants for a coveted chic look.

Post-Wedding Comfort

If you are a guest, you can try Chikankari kurtas with contemporary cuts and designs and team them with some trendy accessories of your choice.

Where to Shop for Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas For Wedding

Finding the perfect Chikankari outfit can be a delightful experience. Here are some options for sourcing high-quality Chikankari attire:

Online Boutiques

Many online boutiques offer a wide range of Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for wedding. They often provide detailed product descriptions, sizing guides, and customization options.

Local Artisans

Support local artisans and Chikankari craftsmen by purchasing directly from them. This not only ensures authenticity but also contributes to the preservation of this traditional art form.

Specialized Stores

Explore specialized Chikankari stores in cities known for their craftsmanship, such as Lucknow. Specilaized stores often offer a wide selection of Chikankari attire.

Designer Studios

Many renowned fashion designers incorporate Chikankari into their collections. Visiting designer studios or flagship stores can provide access to unique and designer Chikankari pieces.

Caring for Chikankari

Chikankari Kurtis and Kurtas for weddings are as delicate as their ethereal beauty, which calls for special care and attention.

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1. Proper Storage

Store your Chikankari outfits in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use garment bags to protect your outfits from dust and moths.

2. Gentle Washing

When cleaning Chikankari, opt for gentle hand washing with mild detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, as it can damage the delicate embroidery.

3. Ironing

Iron Chikankari outfits on the reverse side with a thin cotton cloth placed over them. This prevents direct contact with the iron and protects the embroidery.

4. Professional Cleaning

For stubborn stains or extensive cleaning, consider professional dry cleaning services that specialize in delicate fabrics like Chikankari.


Chikankari Kurtas and Kurtis have manifested themselves as a niche in the world of wedding dressage through their fascinating culture, timeless elegance, and versatility. You can go for pristine royalty or become a glamorous trendsetter. As you start searching for your perfect wedding outfit, consider factors like your body type, the theme of the wedding, and, of course, your color preference. Don’t forget to learn the caring tips. With proper care, your gorgeous wedding remains cherished in your wardrobe for years.

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