Pairing Chikankari Short Kurti with Other Traditional Garments

Pairing Chikankari Short Kurti with Other Traditional Garments

In talking about the most popular outfits of Chikankari, it’s hard to leave out the Chikankari short kurtis behind! They are one of the most versatile pieces of Chikankari that can be worn with almost any other outfit. Moreover, if you think of pairing it with a traditional garment, that is a popular approach.

Almost every woman who likes to wear traditional will find it fascinating to wear Chikankari kurtis. Nonetheless, the delicate designs, patterns, and embroidery of Chikankari are highly influencing many modern women. More so, they may style it in a traditional, modern, or fusion look as per their desire.

Here, we are going to inform you about some of the basic yet trendiest looks for styling short Chikankari kurti with traditional outfits. Hence, it will help in maximizing the style and fashion quotient with minimum effort.

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Styling Short Chikankari Kurti

In general, Chikankari short kurtis are versatile traditional garments that anybody can style in many ways. These kurtis are mostly popular for their delicate embroidery work on various fabric types, such as cotton, silk, pure georgette, fine muslin, etc. More so, they are available in different lengths, patterns, and colors, making them a favorite among women of all ages.

The most popular opinion that someone may have about Chikankari short kurti is that they look fantastic! Not only it’s easy to style them, but you can also comfortably carry them with almost any attire. Likely to say, the short kurti of Chikankari is a favorite among college and office-going women. They usually style it with a pair of jeans or legging for every casual/formal look. On the contrary, there are many other traditional outfits you can put on with Chikankari short kurti.

Short Chikankari Kurti with Traditional Garments

When picking an outfit of ethnic origin, it can be fun to play with different options. Likewise, you can team up your simple Chikankari short kurti with almost anything that speaks of traditional values. To be sure, you can later fix it with some jewelry or other accessories.

One of the best ways to style a short Chikankari kurti is to pair it with other traditional garments. Here are some of the popular ideas for you –

1. Pair with Palazzos:

Chikankari short kurtis will always look great with palazzos and anything that’s wide at the bottom. A short kurti with wide-legged palazzo pants creates a stylish and comfortable look. Now, it depends on you whether you want to keep the palazzos plain or some sort of embroidery work. In addition, it will never go wrong with adding a little sparkle with beautiful embellishments.

2. Wear with Shararas:

Traditionally, Shararas are flared pants that have become quite popular recently. They look fantastic when with a short Chikankari kurti which is quite popular in terms of fashion these days. Furthermore, sharara with a contrasting color to the kurti can create an eye-catching look.

3. Combine with Dhoti Pants:

Dhoti pants are another traditional garment that you can wear with a short Chikankari kurti. These are exceptionally loose-fitting pants that are draped around the legs. Likewise, it gives a very Indian feel, for the attire represents typical Indian vibes. They are generally comfortable, stylish, and perfect for a casual day outing.

4. Style with Lehenga:

You can also wear a short Chikankari kurti along with a lehenga skirt. It is such a simple look that adds subtleness, decency, and a modest approach to the attire. A colorful lehenga with a contrasting kurti can create a vibrant and lively look. The skirt and kurti can be heavily embroidered or have minimal work, depending on your preference.

5. Dress up with a Saree:

Now, a saree is a classic traditional garment that looks magnificent on almost every occasion. Whether you are heading for an office, a lunch date, or an event, sarees are the most popular Indian attire. You can pair your classic saree with a short Chikankari kurti to get your eyes turning! The kurti can be worn as a blouse, giving a unique look to the saree. This pairing works best for formal occasions.

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Bottom Line

Apart from the styles that we have mentioned here, you can even try something new as well. Likely to say, styling with Chikankari will never go wrong with the right intention!

So, you can pair a short Chikankari kurti with various traditional garments to create a stylish and comfortable look. Furthermore, you can always experiment with different styles and create a unique look that suits your personality and preference.

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